Malena Klaus

Developer, Ustwo

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Malena Klaus became a game developer to fulfil a life-long desire to invent things. In cooperation with Ustwo, she wrote her master’s thesis in game technology (IT University Copenhagen) and now works there, creating cool projects and showing off her teddy bear controller, all the while inventing worlds, stories, systems and everything else her imagination will allow. Malena is also very fond of AI and food.

Learn more about Ustwo at ustwo.com.

About Malena's Sessions

Emotional Engagement Through Alternative Controllers and AI

Room Reykjavik

  Have you ever thought about building a game that reacts to your players’ emotions, rather than telling them how to feel? What about using emotions as player input? In this talk, I will share some thoughts on what that could look like. I propose seeing emotional engagement as a process rather than a single […]

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