Malin Söderberg

Communications Manager, Paradox Interactive

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For four years Malin has worked with everything from talking to existing fan-bases to building new communities for games such as Crusader Kings II and Cities: Skylines. Malin has been in the gaming industry in one way or another for almost ten years, participating as a content contributor to sites, and for a year and a half ran a gaming site and its forums.

Learn more about Paradox Interactive at www.paradoxplaza.com.

About Malin's Sessions

How to Foster Positive Cultures in Gaming Communities

Room Stockholm

  In an online environment with change.org-campaigns for taking down trailers, sock-puppet accounts and hard language, how do you work together with your community to make it a friendly and accessible place? How do you reach your fans over multiple platforms, and how do you control the conversations happening beyond you admin-tools?

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