Malte Behrmann

Professor/Attorney, BBW Hochschule

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Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann is a professor and attorney based in Berlin. He teaches communication and creative industry management at BBW Hochschule. After law studies in Bonn and Munich, Malte pursued audio-visual communication management. He served there as political director for seven years and later at the EGDF.

Learn more about BBW Hochschule at www.bbw-hochschule.de.

About Malte's Sessions

Moderator, Games & the Law sessions

The Subtle Art of Doing a Publishing Deal

Room Oslo

  Two developers, an agent and a lawyer share their experiences to make the process of talking to publishers clearer for developers. Get a better understanding of the dynamics between studios and publishers, how a deal comes together and what happens when agreement drafts go back and forth. Moderated by Malte Behrmann. Sponsored by:

Business Games & the Law In-depth Panel

Objection – Good Reasons to Use a Video Game Lawyer

Room Oslo

  We will answer the questions: Why do you need a lawyer? When do you need an external lawyer and when can you manage without it? How do you mix investment with publisher? We will also talk about how to succeed in negotiations and tell horror stories from a lawyer’s perspective. Moderated by Malte Behrmann. […]

Business Games & the Law Inspiring

What Now? GDPR and Beyond

Room Oslo

  An insight into how EU law affects the games industry. GDPR, geo-blocking and EU competition rules, state aid measures for the games industry and modernisation of the EU copyright rules. Moderated by Malte Behrmann. Sponsored by:

Business Development Games & the Law In-depth Panel