Marie Mejerwall

Game Director & Advisor

Marie Mejerwall is an industry veteran and past game director with experience working for Ubisoft, WB Games, Eidos and Capcom. She now runs her own boutique games advisory where she helps studios, accelerators and publishers with their games. She also speaks regularly at conferences about game design.

Learn more about Marie Mejerwall at mejerwall.com.

About Marie's sessions:

2023 Nordic Game Awards


  Always a highlight of the Nordic Game conference, spotlighting the talent of the region’s studios as well as the amazing games they’ve released over the past year. Hosted by David Bateson and Thomas Bense with members of this year’s Nordic Game Awards jury. The 2023 Nordic Game Best Art award presented by Pingle and […]

Event LIVE

Introduction to Boss Fight Design


  Ever wondered what it takes to create one of gaming’s most appreciated features – boss fights? Marie has worked on bosses at several AAA studios, and now shares her knowledge. In this session, she unveils the complex puzzle to create memorable moments, and challenge players to the brink of their skill.

Development In-depth