Martin Wiinholt

CEO, Gonzo Media

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Martin studied medieval literature, specialising in troubadour singers from the twelfth century. He is an author of poems, short stories and a “Moby Dick-like sci-fi pastiche/space opera”. He’s worked in corporate communications, crisis communications and public relations, and started with creative advertising and YouTube talent management in 2014.

Learn more about Gonzo Media at www.gonzomedia.dk.

About Martin's Sessions

Influencers: How is That Even Possible?

Unreal Theatre

  Discoverability and user acquisition are key, but have become more and more complicated and costly. In recent years, YouTubers have taken significant importance in customers’ choices, as they are increasingly their only source of information, and totally rely on their opinion. In this panel, we’ll learn who they really are, as well as what […]

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