Masaru Ohnogi

Head of Global BD, Gumi Inc.

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Gumi founded the Venture Reality Fund in Silicon Valley, a 50 million USD fund which focuses on early stage AR/VR start-ups, including Tokyo VR start-ups, Seoul VR start-ups and Nordic VR start-ups, and organised its first VR incubation programs in Tokyo, Seoul and Helsinki. Gumi has also funded a blockchain/crypto-currency fund.

Learn more about Gumi Inc. at www.gu3.co.jp.

About Masaru's Sessions

Blockchain Technology for the Games Industry

Room Oslo

  The rise and recognition of the blockchain technology has prompted brand new ways of decentralised application for everything, including in building games, connecting to players and kick-starting talented teams. We will explore different approaches of how to broaden many scenarios of use cases. Moderated by Shirley Lin.

Business Inspiring Panel