Matheus Piccoli

Exec. Producer, Fehorama Filmes/Loomiarts

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Matheus Piccoli is a filmmaker, partner in the film company Fehorama Filmes and executive producer of Squadron 51, game developed by Fehorama in association with indie game studio Loomiarts.

Learn more about Fehorama Filmes/Loomiarts on Facebook here.

About Matheus' Sessions

Squadron 51: Blending Video Game and Film Aesthetics


  Squadron 51 is a black-and-white shooter with 1950’s sci-fi movies aesthetic and live action cut-scenes. In our talk, we’ll tell the audience how specific decisions concerning research, design, sound effects and the production of live action cinematics impact directly on the experience of our game. Presented by WhisperGames

Development Inspiring NG21 RECORDED 28 MAY Production