Max Nilsson

Game Developer, VRUnicorns

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Daytime technology manager at Filimundus, making kids games and trying to keep up with the mobile publishing landscape. Night-time jamming unicorn with VRUnicorns. Have a love-hate relationship playing with the latest (and often broken) tech and SDK:s. Loves game jams, hack-a-thons and demo parties, where big wild dreams brutally gets cut up and shredded to make the deadline.

Learn more about VRUnicorns at www.vrunicorns.com.

About Max's Sessions

How to Be a Unicorn

Room Stockholm

  We’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to be as cool as we (VRUnicorns) are – and a few more “side-tricks” that may come in handy in the indie game jamming scene. Moderated by Julie Heyde.

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