Micaela Romanini

Vice Director, VIGAMUS Foundation

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Serving as VIGAMUS Foundation vice director, she is in charge of planning new business strategies and international partnerships. She previously worked at Microsoft as an international coordinator for as Xbox.com in Reading, UK. She is also the event director of Gamerome, the developer conference based in Rome and is the Italian lead of Women in Games.

Learn more about the VIGAMUS Foundation at www.vigamus.com.

About Micaela's Sessions

Women in Games: Equality or Diversity?

Room Stockholm

  The World Bank reported (2019) that in law, men and women are completely equal in just six countries! Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden. How does this impact games industries? Is the equality/diversity agenda a contradiction? What is important for creativity/innovation in game development, equality or diversity? Moderated by Marie-Claire Isaaman with invited […]

Development Impact Inspiring Panel