Mikael Leinonen

CEO/Founder, MyGamez

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Native of Finland, Mikael has lived in China and done business in the Chinese mobile industry since year 2004. During the past three years, he has led MyGamez’ to become one of the leading publishers of foreign mobile games in China, and built a cross-cultural team whose aspiration is to make the Chinese mobile game market easily accessible for foreign game developers and publishers.

MyGamez current portfolio includes casual games like Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2 (Fingersoft), Cut the Rope: Magic (Zeptolab), Nonstop Knight (Flaregames) and Doodle God Blitz (Joybits), titles with over 250 million cumulative users. Mikael is currently based out of Helsinki, expanding MyGamez operations in Europe.

Learn more about MyGamez at www.mygamez.com.

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