Mikkel Svendsen

VFX Artist, Playdead

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Mikkel Svendsen quickly joined lauded game developer Playdead after dropping out from a game development and 3D graphics oriented college. A mere months later, he gained responsibility for crucial visual and technical areas at the Danish studio, as well as aspects of Playdead’s critically acclaimed title INSIDE. His responsibilities include visual effects, rendering and water.

Learn more about Playdead at playdead.com.

About Mikkel's Sessions

Huddle Up! The Making of [SPOILER] from INSIDE

Unreal Theatre

  In Playdead’s INSIDE, “the Huddle” aka “the blob” as dubbed by players, is the character form taken in the conclusive chapter of the game. It was a big task during production and one with much uncertainty. It took several years and several people to get it right, but not as a calculated effort. Over […]

Creation In-depth Keynote