Morten Brunbjerg


I’m an award-winning freelance game writer with 12 years of experience writing narratives, dialogue and plots.​ I have written for everything from AAA to mobile games in various genres. Most recently, I worked on Tango Gamework’s Hi-Fi RUSH as a writer and script doctor.

Learn more about Morten Brunbjerg at www.mortenbrunbjerg.dk.

About Morten's sessions:

Hi-Fi Rush: Lessons from Editing an Insane Story


  Dive into the colorful explosion that is the story of Hi-Fi RUSH; join game writer and script consultant Morten Brunbjerg as he shares tips and tricks for fine-tuning a game story and how to avoid the most frequent pitfalls. Learn the golden rule of character motivation and how to punch up dialogue from Morten, […]

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