Oskar Burman

CEO & Founder, Fast Travel Games

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With more than 20 years in game development, Oskar most recently moved on from leading the Rovio studio behind Angry Birds 2 for his dream job as CEO of a new VR games studio, Fast Travel Games. He’s also served as studio manager at Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) and EA Easy (Battlefield Heroes). Oskar is a co-founder of games accelerator Stugan, as well as member of the board at Coffee Stain Studios, Dataspelsbranschen and Tekniska Museet.

Learn more about Fast Travel Games at www.fasttravelgames.com.

About Oskar's Sessions

Breaking New Ground

Room Stockholm

  New platforms have always been a challenge adapting to, from 16- to 32-bit and from cartridges to CD-ROM. As many devs moved from PC/consoles into mobile, there were a few of major design issues to tackle; tech limitations, new business models and game genres that became obsolete, or grew in importance. As many devs […]

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