Oskar Stålberg

Independent Developer

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Previously a technical artist at Ubisoft Massive, where the holographic 3D map in The Division was my proudest achievement. I also did a tour at UsTwo. For the past few years, I’ve been exploring novel approaches to procedural art. I’m best known for my interactive browser demos City Generator, Brick Block and Polygonal Planet Project. I recently went independent and I’m finally building a proper game on top of my procedural environments.

Learn more about Oskar Stålberg at oskarstalberg.tumblr.com.

About Oskar's Sessions

A Fast Modular Approach to Procedural Levels

Room Reykjavik

  My talk covers an innovative algorithm for procedural environment generation that strikes a good balance between automation and craftsmanship. The algorithm works on a grid (any grid), but is otherwise content agnostic. It takes whatever modular pieces you feed it and magically figures out how to assemble them into a coherent environment. I’ve used […]

Creation Fast Track In-depth