Patrick Rose

Founder, Games Analysts

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Having worked in different fields of the industry and international studios, Patrick is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to games. His company experience includes competitor product analysis and knowledge transfer, consulting F2P- and AAA-game designs in terms of monetisation and retention as well as extensive knowledge in business- and product analysis including success potential forecast. Furthermore, Patrick has collaborated with indie developers, designed games and developed them directly in the engine. As a certified Scrum user, Patrick knows the methods of agile product development.

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About Patrick's Sessions

Biz-Modding: New Customer Value Propositions and Distribution Forms

Room Reykjavik

  This panel will discuss issues including: What a sustainable business model for cloud gaming platforms looks like and how will this impact game designs and monetisation strategies? Also technical issues such as: Will fast-paced real-time multiplayer be possible? Accessibility vs. Quality: Will gained accessibility (e.g. no expensive hardware required and play where you want) […]

Business In-depth Panel