Patrick Seibert

Editor-in-Chief, Indiegames.ch

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Patrick lives and breathes independent games. After producing over 500 videos on YouTube about indie games, he moved forward and founded the first Swiss indie games magazine in 2014. Since then, he has published hundreds of articles for various websites, organised the third screening of Game Loading: Rise of the Indies in Europe, founded Indiecouch, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and worked on several games as editor and localiser.

Learn more about Indiegames.ch at indiegames.ch.

About Patrick's Sessions

The Press is Not Here to Make You Big Anymore

Room Reykjavik

  The press is not here to make you big anymore; it’s here to make you bigger. Things have changed and so should you. Here’s a look into the mailbox of a middle-sized games website, to give you valuable insights from “the other side”. What makes a press release stand out, how should you adjust […]

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