Paulina Vera Szmidt

Founder, Rudy Dziobak

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Paulina Vera started testing games professionally in 2007. She never considered game testing as a first step towards game development, she just felt in love with it. Ten years later, she works as a game tester for Robot Gentleman and has started her own company, Rudy Dziobak, which provides professional QA testing for independent developers. Favourite sailor: Sailor Mercury.

Learn more about Rudy Dziobak at rudydziobak.com.

About Paulina Vera's Sessions

How NOT to Test Games

Room Reykjavik

  A lot of independent studios tend to forget about the importance of good quality assurance in the process of development. When it comes to low budget productions, indies often omit this part – or try to use coders – to test their own game. In this talk, I will explain why QA is crucial […]

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