Per Strömbäck

Head of Secretariat, Dataspelsbranschen/Swedish Games Industry

Per Strömbäck works in digital culture. Now in his fourth decade in the games industry as a developer and publisher, and since 2005, heads the industry association Swedish Games Industry (Dataspelsbranschen). Published author of two books and editor of two anthologies on digital culture and society. Level 968 in Candy Crush.

Learn more about Swedish Games Industry (Dataspelsbranschen) at dataspelsbranschen.se.

About Per's sessions:

Turn Your DEI Strategy into Company Goals

The Vet's Chamber

  Talking and advocating for DEI is not enough to apply a systemic change in your organisation. How can you implement your DEI goals into your process and strategic goals? Moderated by Per Strömbäck.

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