Peter Wagner

CEO, Procedural Worlds

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Originally just a customer himself, Peter entered Procedural Worlds in technical support and quickly rose through the ranks. He is now responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Procedural Worlds products and business development under the company’s founder, Adam Goodrich.

Learn more about Procedural Worlds at www.procedural-worlds.com.

About Peter's sessions:

What Will Make the Metaverse a Successful Reality?


  A century ago, traditional mass media emerged: radio, television, film. Fifty years later, we saw the first video games. With games presently perched as a leading force in content design and technology, we will discuss two convergent and contrasting viewpoints on key success factors for the early stage metaverse.

Business Development In-depth Nordic Game Conversations Production RECORDED LIVE

Preparing for the Metaverse: Challenges in User Generated Experiences

The Vet's Chamber

  When building applications for the metaverse, you will encounter a cascade of technological and conceptual challenges, especially if you allow for user-generated content. Procedural Worlds released their own metaverse platform for fully user-generated experiences in 2022 and will share their perspective on lesser talked-about challenges when bringing your tech to the metaverse. Presented by […]

Business Development In-depth