Philip Skogsberg

Co-Founder, Challengermode

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I’m the co-founder and head of product at Challengermode. Background in software development and digital marketing with a master’s degree in computer science.

Learn more about Challengermode at www.challengermode.com.

About Philip's Sessions

Host, Challengermode esports sessions

What Game Developers Should Know About Esports Teams

Room Oslo

  Alliance CEO Jonathan “Loda” Berg, former Dota 2 pro and world champion, reveals what game developers should know when it comes to supporting players and teams, as well as what these key esports participants expect from a title in the long-term, as both a successful competitive esports player and team owner. Hosted by Philip […]

Business Challengermode Panel Production

Esports Infrastructure, Marketing and Ecosystem

Room Oslo

  A round table discussion about esports infrastructure, marketing and monetisation for games with participants from DreamHack, Alliance and Challengermode. The panel discussion will dive into questions around what infrastructure is ideal for the growth of a game as an esport, how to grow esports communities, how much and when to invest in esports, monetisation […]

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