Philipp Lanik

Co-Founder & CEO, Pnkfrg Studios

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Philipp is co-founder & CEO of Pnkfrg Studios. He has worked in the gaming industry for almost 20 years, among others at King, where he was instrumental to the growth of the multi-billion-dollar franchise, Candy Crush Saga. After his experience in social gaming, mobile, he is now focusing on crypto-gaming.

Learn more about Pnkfrg Studios at pnkfrg.com.

About Philipp's sessions:

Panel: The Future of Money in Games

The Vet's Chamber

  A wide-ranging discussion around what’s possible – and what’s problematic – about introducing real money and payments into game environments. This panel is not meant to be a discussion of blockchain or crypto tech specifically, but rather why and how having real-world money in games will impact game mechanics, user experience design, player preferences […]

Business Development Inspiring Panel