Radu Ziemba

Co-Founder, Kappsule Studios

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Radu Ziemba is the founder and CEO of Kappsule Studios, a flourishing independent game development studio located in Bucharest, Romania, and has been involved in game design for many years. Before starting Kappsule Studios, he worked in the music industry, helping bands with show marketing, branding, animation and videos. Radu is also dedicated to the next generation of game developers, as a speaker and tutor in a multitude of events and courses.

Learn more about Kappsule Studios at www.kappsulestudios.com.

About Radu's Sessions

Your Amazing Game is Not Amazing If Nobody Sees It

Room Reykjavik

  You’ve just built the most amazing game and released it into the wild. Why is nobody finding it? What happened? If you launched a game and nobody notices it, the very real heartbreak can be difficult to manage. That’s why I’d like to share with you how we went from releasing our “coolest game […]

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