Raphael Wittgruber

CEO/Programmer, Since Idea Games

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Raphael is CEO and developer at Since Idea Games. Prior he was a developer and game designer at Troll Games, as well as a web and mobile developer at the Danhills Agency. He prefers to work in smaller companies where he isn’t stuck in a single field of expertise. In this way, he’s gathered a wide range of business and programming skills.

Learn more about Since Idea Games at sinceideagames.com.

About Raphael's Sessions

VR Outside of Games

Room Torshavn

  Since Idea Games has focused on VR from the very beginning. The studio started as a games company, but has adapted to the market to focus more and more on VR outside of gaming. In this talk, Raphael will offer his insights into the emerging VR market beyond games, and why game developers are […]

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