Rodrigo Cortes

Studio Art Director, Sharkmob

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Rodrigo is the studio art director Sharkmob. With over 20 years of experience in the games industry, he has worked in all fields of graphics.

Learn more about Sharkmob at www.sharkmob.com.

About Rodrigo's Sessions

The Evolution of Art Production


  With games becoming more and more realistic and detailed, game developers are looking at different techniques to optimise the content creation. Sharkmob has invested heavily in photogrammetry and mocap to increase quality but also to be able to make large amounts of content quickly. Presented by Sharkmob

Development Inspiring NG21 RECORDED 26 MAY

A Quick Tour of Sharkmob’s Malmö Studio


  Rodrigo Cortes shares a view of the Sharkmob studio in Malmö, Sweden. They’re waiting for you to join them. Presented by Sharkmob

Development Inspiring PRERECORDED NG21 MAY Production