Rosemary Lokhorst

CEO, Digging Deep Project

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Rosemary Lokhorst is a writer and technology entrepreneur. She is CEO of the Digging Deep Project and producer of Shadow’s Edge, a multiple award-winning game that drives better emotional health outcomes for young people by helping them to build resilience and life skills.

Learn more about the Digging Deep Project at diggingdeep.org.

About Rosemary's Sessions

How User Research Can Up Your Game


  After pivoting our self-help game Shadow’s Edge to help players process COVID-19, we take stock of this year’s experiences and look back at three years of user and clinical research. We show how powerful audience stories can fuel not only product strategy but also funding for your serious game.

Business Impact Inspiring Production

QuaranTEENED – Gaming as a Digital Safe Space


  Our game Shadow’s Edge was built to drive better emotional health outcomes for young people. But how do you adapt your game in a crisis like COVID-19 to help young people process what’s going on? Experiences from a fast pivot to use a game for good in a crisis.

Business Impact Inspiring NG20 Production