Rune Skovbo Johansen

Game Developer, Sanctum Dreams

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Rune is a solo indie developer creating the VR puzzle action game Eye of the Temple as a passion project, while also working part-time as a developer at Unity Technologies. He handles game design, programming, modelling, level design, etc., and is lately learning the ropes of PR and marketing.

Learn more about Sanctum Dreams at eyeofthetemple.com/sanctumdreams.

About Rune's Sessions

Eye of the Temple at Yonderplay

Room Oslo

  A ten minute show-and-tell session as part of Yonderplay, where Rune will play a section of Eye of the Temple and talk about how it lets players explore its space in a uniquely approachable physical and immersive way, along with the pros and cons of that. Curated by

Creation Inspiring Yonderplay