Sébastien Croteau

President, The Monster Factory

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A voice actor specialised in creatures and monsters since 2005, Sébastien has voiced more than 200 characters in movies and video games. Metal vocalist since 1990 and voice director for countless different projects, he founded The Monster Factory, a talent agency representing more than a hundred metal vocalists in 17 countries.

Learn more about The Monster Factory at www.lafabriquedemonstres.com.

About Sébastien's sessions:

We Are Monsters : The Invasion of Metal Vocalists in Voice Acting/Sound Design


  Metal vocalists have the unique ability to produce unreal, distorted, organic sounds without having to resort to computer modification of their voice. In addition, their training enables them to craft all manner of guttural sounds naturally without damaging their voices. Find out why video game companies are using them.

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