Shai Sasson

Head of Publishing, CrazyLabs

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Managing developer relations and working with development partners across the globe to create successful hyper-casual games, and just as importantly, successful relationships. Shai manages and prioritises the entire publishing pipeline of CrazyLabs. His team navigates games across marketing, analytics, R&D, project management, user acquisition, legal, finance and store relations.

Learn more about CrazyLabs at www.crazylabs.com.

About Shai's Sessions

The Art of Wooing: The Truth About the Relationship Between Developers and Publishers


  It used to be a classic love affair, with game developers looking for publishers to push them to the top of the charts. Today we know that was always inevitably to change – and a good thing it did. In this talk we’ll discuss the true relationship between publishers and game developers today, why […]

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