Sjoerd De Jong

Sr. Engine Evangelist, Epic Games

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Sjoerd leads the European Unreal Engine Evangelism team, travelling the continent to talk about Unreal Engine 4. With twenty years of experience, Sjoerd is an Unreal Engine expert. Throughout his career he has worked in everything ranging from AAA development and running his own indie studio to education.

Learn more about Epic Games at www.epicgames.com.

About Sjoerd's Sessions

Ray Tracing for Games in Unreal Engine 4

Room Copenhagen

  As of Unreal Engine 4.22, we support real-time ray tracing. Through practical examples, Sjoerd will demonstrate ray tracing live, discuss the benefits and drawbacks to real-time ray tracing and cover tips on performance – all focused on helping you make a smooth start with this amazing new tech.

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