Søren Trautner Madsen

Gameplay Programmer, Playdead

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Gameplay programmer at Playdead with a main focus on animation and timing-based gameplay. Also a “retro” enthusiast and member of the Commodore 64 revival band “PRESS PLAY ON TAPE”. Released titles: Total Overdose (Deadline Games), Chili con Carnage (Deadline Games), Watchmen Parts 1 & 2 (Deadline Games), LIMBO (Playdead), INSIDE (Playdead) and Zero-G (Trautner Games).

Learn more about Playdead at playdead.com.

About Søren's Sessions

Huddle Up! The Making of [SPOILER] from INSIDE

Unreal Theatre

  In Playdead’s INSIDE, “the Huddle” aka “the blob” as dubbed by players, is the character form taken in the conclusive chapter of the game. It was a big task during production and one with much uncertainty. It took several years and several people to get it right, but not as a calculated effort. Over […]

Creation In-depth Keynote