Ste Curran

Creative Dir., Designer, Writer & Host

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I’m a creative director, designer, writer and host. I work with devs and publishers to refine ideas, distill loops, lead prototypes and make pitches perfect. I also run Maraoke, the video game karaoke event, and One Life Left, the world’s longest-running video game radio show.

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About Ste's Sessions

True Confessions


  Bless me, the Games Industry, for I have sinned. It has been… forever since my last confession. Friday, 20 November, London, England: Ste Curran appeals for your industry confessions, promising to absolve your guilty conscience at NG20+. Learn more and send in your true confessions here.


A Walking Tour of Kormit, My Animal Crossing Island


  A guided tour of an unremarkable digital space and the circumstances that led to its creation, narrated by the present owner. Please dress sensibly as warm weather cannot be guaranteed. Do not feed the animals.

Development Inspiring NG20 RECORDED