Ste Curran

Creative Director & Designer

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Ste is a creative director and designer working with developers on console, PC, mobile and XR titles. As an independent developer, he created games including Chime Sharp and Pixelgrams. Ste also lectures at games conferences, runs “maraoke” and hosts the longest running games radio show in the world, One Life Left.

Learn more about Ste Curran on Twitter here.

About Ste's Sessions

True Confessions #3


  “I want to know your games industry crimes, minor to major and everything in between. What have you got away with?” Share your dark secrets anonymously. Ste Curran will pick the best to forgive at NG21 Autumn. Then, somehow, he’ll lift the burden and we can all move on.

Business Development Inspiring Production

True Confessions #2


  Nordic Game’s confession booth returns, ready to forgive your sins. From the silly to the serious, trivial to troubling, your host reads selected true confessions from real (anonymised) people in the games industry. Sounds cathartic? Submit your own here and prepare for absolution.

Business Development Intense NG21 RECORDED 27 MAY Production