Ste Curran

Presenter, One Life Left

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Ste makes videogames and works with people to make their games better. He presents One Life Left, hosts marioke, teaches around the world and delivers monologues at conferences that have been described as “life-changing” and “a waste of time”. A solid 7/10.

Learn more about Ste Curran and One Life Left at stecurran.com.

About Ste's Sessions

Nordic Game Wrap-Up

Unreal Theatre

  A light-hearted yet informative overview of the week at Nordic Game 2018.

Inspiring Media People

Fast Travel

Unreal Theatre

  Fast Travel is a slow journey towards a single button. It’s a brand new story, a play through of a sci-fi game that doesn’t exist and a fragmented look at time and design.

Creation Inspiring Media People