Stephen Lee

Head of BD, DECA Games

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Stephen Lee is the head of business development at DECA Games, an indie publisher completely focused on live operations and helping developers to reinvigorate their games. A lifelong gamer with almost 20 years of business development experience, Stephen was previously executive director and head of publishing at 6waves.

Learn more about DECA Games at decagames.com.

About Stephen's Sessions

Legendary Live Operations

Room Stockholm

  As marketing budgets continue to increase, it’s harder now more than ever for developers to be successful with their games. In this session, we’ll share how we were able to grow a game’s user base and revenue years after launch by taking a different approach – focusing on “live ops”!

Business Fast Track Inspiring People

Envision It, Create It, Monetise It

Room Torshavn

  Game monetisation evolves rapidly day-by-day; real life experience has a crucial meaning in the industry. Join this monetisation workshop, where panellists will advise on how to avoid the pitfalls of in-game advertising, share some actual numbers and discuss international expansion, as well as ways to reach the users in other regions. Moderated by Natalie […]

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