Tabea Iseli

Game Designer, Stardust

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Tabea studied game design in Zurich. Originally a graphic designer, she’s a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to game development. Tabea has worked for multiple renowned Swiss game companies, such as Blindflug Studios and Gbanga. Currently she is developing AVA and is building the publisher Ibex Games.

Learn more about Stardust at www.stardust.ch.

About Tabea's Sessions

Show, Don’t Tell: Using Empathy to Talk to the Player

Room Stockholm

  Creating meaningful games is challenging: It’s the art combining fun gameplay with a message. You often ask yourself the question: How can I let the player experience complex topics like racism, sexism or global warming without removing the fun? The talk explores the player’s empathy as a tool of communication. Hosted by Kate Edwards […]

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