Tadej Gregorcic

Co-Founder & CTO, Coherence

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Tadej is co-founder and CTO at Coherence, a Malmö-based startup changing the way multiplayer games are made and run. A programmer and designer with roots in the 90’s demo-scene, he worked with Supercell, NBC Universal, Ustwo and many others. He founded and ran the game studio Motiviti since 2009.

Learn more about Coherence at coherence.io.

About Tadej's sessions:

Zero to Multiplayer in 7 Minutes


  Multiplayer games have immense potential, but so few indies ever make them. We’re missing out on so much creativity due to old tech and unclear costs. Let’s look at what makes multiplayer hard and how to overcome that, and see how modern tech can help you get going within minutes.

Business Development Inspiring Production