Thor Mýrdal

CEO & Audio Professional

14 years of work as a audio professional, 25 years of experience as a metal and opera singer. Thor Mýrdal is a composer, sound designer, voice-over actor and singer from Hamburg, Germany. His journey started over two decades ago with metal bands and transformed into a professional obsession with writing, production and performance.

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About Thor's sessions:

Same Game, Different Music


  One of the trademarks of the Nordic Game speaker program, a panel of leading music composers on stage present, compare and discuss their musical interpretations of a single gameplay snippet. Moderated by Razvan Kim.

Development Inspiring LIVE Panel

Audio Mixing and Mastering Pro Tips


  A discussion on mixing techniques, philosophy and how it varies depending on the game requirements. Moderated by Thor Mýrdal.

Development In-depth LIVE Panel Production

Nordic Game Party


  Live entertainment, refreshments and of course, Nordic Game maraoke hosted by the legendary Ste Curran are just a few highlights in the party program on Thursday evening, 25 May. And you’re invited 🙂 This May’s event also welcomes back metal head wizards World of Sickness featuring Nordic Game’s very own Thor Mýrdal, as well […]

Event LIVE