Thor Mýrdal

CEO/Composer, Synishorn

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Thor Mýrdal is a composer, sound designer and singer living in Hamburg, Germany and working in games, film and media. He is also dedicated to VR/AR development.

Learn more about Synishorn at thormyrdal.net.

About Thor's Sessions

Same Game, Different Music

Unreal Theatre

  Several leading music composers for games show their different creations for the same client request, and discuss the differences in their approaches and the final results. Moderated by Ari Pulkkinen.

Creation Inspiring

Modular Music Systems for VR

Room Reykjavik

  In virtual reality, storytelling takes a much more important role. Music and sound design give you a deeper level of immersion, and are the fuel for emotional transitions. I’ve created music systems that seamlessly blend different tunes for every aspect of this new medium and the storytelling within. Besides the composing side of these […]

Creation Fast Track Intense