Timo Heinäpurola

Senior Engineer, Reforged Studios

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Timo is responsible for maintaining the overall vision and architecture of Reforged Studios’ in-house game engine. Before joining the company, he was the lead programmer on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (Next Games) and Next Car Game: Wreckfest (Bugbear Entertainment). Timo also has a server development background, having started his career in the IT industry.

Learn more about Reforged Studios at reforgedstudios.com.

About Timo's Sessions

Optimising our Renderer for Metal on iOS

Room Stockholm

  In this presentation, Timo explains some of the steps that Reforged Studios has taken to optimise their rendering pipeline for Apple’s Metal API. Timo will describe different tools and processes used and do a breakdown of a single frame, showing how different portions of the frame were optimised.

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