Trista Patterson

Sr. Adv. GRID-Arendal, UN Envir. Collab. Ctr.

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Directs the NewMedia Lab at GRID-Arendal, a UN Environment Collaboration Center (Norway), where global-scale experiments test emerging technologies (gaming, AR/VR, interactive forums and platforms), applications and policies for the UN, Worldbank, NORAD, SIDA and EU. Cultivates innovation that improves returns on international development funds for global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Learn more about the “Playing For the Planet” report at playing4theplanet.org.

About Trista's Sessions

Can the Games Industry Save the Planet?

Room Copenhagen

  Is your game company about to change the world – literally? With input from over 50 games industry leaders, the 2019 United Nations environment report “Playing for the Planet” summarises recent developments to yield seven key recommendations on how games can achieve real-world impact. Join this workshop presented by the researchers behind the report, […]

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