Tsahi Liberman

CTO, TapOnIt

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Tsahi is an Israeli game developer & designer, well known for his works for companies in Israel and abroad, such as Tabtale, Compedia, BrainPop, SesameWorkshop, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, HopTV, BabyfirstTV, Styrax, Funtime and more. Tsahi has been developing games for children for the past 13 years and is currently the CTO of a new game studio TapOnIt, developing RPG & sci-fi themed casual games, while working on two additional big titles and one AR game. Furthermore, Tsahi has been a director in GameIS, the Israeli game developers association.

Learn more about TapOnIt at tapon.it.

About Tsahi's Sessions

Hope for a Refugee: The Endless Digital Quest for Shreds of Dignity

Room Oslo

  Many countries are witnessing the Syrian refugees’ constant stream of people. But Syria is only one example of many other countries, which in one time of their long history were refugees themselves. Seeking shelter at another country, with nothing, not even your dignity, is hard, some say even inhuman. If our human self cannot […]

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