Whitney Clayton

Art Director, Compulsion Games

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Whitney is the art director at Compulsion Games. She is responsible for defining the artistic vision across Compulsion’s titles, including the 1960s British setting of We Happy Few and the 1920s dreamscape of Contrast. Whitney’s background is in fine arts, and she uses her interests in film, art, design, architecture, fashion, music and culture of the past to create vivid alternative realities through her art.

Learn more about Compulsion Games at compulsiongames.com.

About Whitney's Sessions

We Happy Few: Art and Style in a Procedural World

Room Reykjavik

  Whitney will discuss how the setting and artistic style of We Happy Few, the 1960s dystopian drug paradise created by Compulsion Games, came to be. She will cover topics such as pre-production research, world building and production challenges, with the ultimate goal of talking about how to make a procedural world more interesting than […]

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