Will Freeman

Journalist, Writer

Will is a freelance video game journalist, copywriter, editor, author, consultant, event curator, awards judge, script editor and speaker, having worked with The Guardian, BAFTA, BBC, Unity, Epic, Ukie, CCP, GamesIndustry.biz, Microsoft, PC Gamer and more. An arcade/shmup obsessive, Will is also a competitive yo-yoer and cassette tape devotee.

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About Will's sessions:

The Past, Present and Future of Game Platforms

The Vet's Chamber

  In a world full of walled gardens, platform requirements and content fortresses, can developers and publishers ever regain control of their games and player relationships? In this panel, we discuss how the Digital Markets Act, Epic vs. Apple and new gaming platforms will reshape how games are discovered, downloaded and played. Moderated by Will […]

Business In-depth Panel