Zach Huntley

President/Bus. Mgr., Kakehashi Games

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As the president of Kakehashi Games, Zach has helped release over 160 games in Japan across all major platforms. In his twenty-two years in the industry, Zach has worked for Nintendo, SEGA, LucasArts and Unity as a senior designer, producer, biz dev manager, content analyst and Mario Club software evaluator.

Learn more about Kakehashi Games at www.kakehashigames.com.

About Zach's Sessions

Becoming “Big in Japan” without a Publisher

Room Reykjavik

  Interested in self-publishing your game in Japan, but thought it was impossible? In this talk, Zach Huntley will cover the general workflow and share some of the best practices he has learned while helping western developers self-publish over 160 games in Japan.

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