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Nordic Game 2019 has now concluded. Many thanks to our attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and partners for another wonderful event – read more here. See you again on 27-29 May in Malmö, Sweden!

Unreal Presents, NG19

Unreal Presents at NG19 flashback
The Unreal Presents showcase was a chance to see some amazing UE4 games under development in the Nordic region, Germany and the UK. The showcase provided an early look at a curated set of not-yet-published games with a wide range of styles and themes, including multiplayer battles, futuristic journeys, Norse magic, mystery “Fjord Noir” and old-school adventure.

After a private viewing for publishers and investors, the Unreal Presents showcase opened to all NG19 attendees.

Unreal Presents at NG19
Wednesday, 22 May from 11:00, Round Bar (near the Epic Games booth A1/A2)

Angry Demon Studio: Apsulov: End Of Gods – A single-player, first-person game that takes an adventure approach to horror, featuring a future Viking theme and Norse magic, set in a sci-fi universe with memorable settings.

Bagpack Games: Out of Place – A single-player, third-person action adventure in which young Simon, with the help of his Orb companion, must reactivate an ancient machine using dynamic play style to ultimately overcome fear and take action for a better world.

Digital Cybercherries: Hypercharge: Unboxed – A first-person turret, trap, and defence-building game in which players take up arms as toy soldiers and battle solo or with up to three friends, online or in local co-op, to protect the Hyper-Core.

Dimfrost Studio: Bramble – The Mountain King – A story-focused, single-player game based on dark Nordic folklore. Impressive, realistic visuals intensify epic monster battles between a small boy and ominous mythical creatures.

Frogsong Studios: Deconstruction Corp – A four-player, co-op dungeon crawler in which elevators plunge players to the depths of an artificial planet where they must scavenge scraps to bring back to the surface.

Invisible Walls: Cainwood (working title) – A third-person cooperative game about trust, deceit, and survival in which a player is hiding their true identity, and in the shadows conducts unsavory deeds that actively work against your common goal of escaping the terrible predicament you are in.

Red Thread Games: Draugen – A single-player, first-person psychological “Fjord Noir” mystery set in 1920s Norway in which an American traveler and his ward embark on a dark search for his missing sister.

Sluggerfly: Hell Pie – A single-player platformer in which the player uses an extensive set of swing-based moves to explore a combination of twisted worlds and levels while fighting enemies, collecting weird cake ingredients, and interacting with bizarre characters.

Epic Games will also be hosting three sessions in the speaker program on Wednesday-Thursday 22-23 May, as well as a mixer for UE4 users (and those who want to be!) on Wednesday, 22 May, 17:30-18:30 at Skeppsbron 2, Malmo.

The Epic Games/Unreal Engine booth A1/A2 & B1 in the NG19 Expo also shared the latest news on UE4.

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About the Nordic Game conference
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and 2020 marks its seventeenth edition. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

You can download the NG19 print program right here (note that speakers and content added after the print deadline appear on the website).

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